TANI TECH solution is a Digital Marketing Service Provider. It helps businesses to promote and grow their businesses across Social Media. We do Social Media Marketing of Products and Services and create a brand value of it among prospective Customers

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We provide services that promote products and services that help to boost your business extensively. Your success is our success.

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Company works based on data and statistic but we as a team work
based on the demand and necessity of clients ""

Online Branding

We have a team people who are experts in their niche in digital marketing .Google ads ,Social media Marketing  , Facebook ads, Lead Generation, Email Marketing automation.

Website Devlopment

Website development is the first step toward digital marketing. Creating a page on a social media platform and developing a website with the same domain name is a crucial step. so we come up with developing websites for our customers to make them easy and do all-in-one service.

SEO Srvices

Ranking on google matters the most for every business, for that we do keyword research and which is termed as Google SEO. search engine optimization is basically optimizing websites and ranking on top of Google. It really makes it easy for your prospect as well. 

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing means showcasing products, ventures, and businesses digitally on different social media platforms. We can do organic marketing and paid marketing on social media. Organic marketing is time-consuming than paid marketing because through paid marketing, we can target an audience avatar by ourselves depending upon geographical region, age, gender, etc. Building a brand, business online is possible only through social media marketing. Through social media marketing, remarketing, lead generation, growth in sales and profit have been possible.

Google Ads

We create ads on Google for Product Branding, website promotion. it is necessary to analyze our website to measure our business's growth and hurdles.

Mobile Application Development

Application Development is the second step toward online Branding. Creating an App developing with the same business name is a crucial step. so we come up with developing Applications for our customers to make the brand.

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