We provide a wide range of Services

We provide services that promotes products and services and help to boost your business extensively. Your success is our success.

Digital Marketing​

Tani Tech is a digital marketing service provider. We anticipate quality services to our customers for growing their business, brand value through social media marketing. We assist businesses to outreach their brand value and product. Besides that, we provide services like website development, google SEO, google analytics, and eCommerce as per the insistence of our customer avatar.

Website Development

Website development is the first step toward digital marketing. Creating a page in a social media platform and developing a website with the same domain name is a crucial step.so we come up with developing websites for our customers to make them easy and do all in one service.


Ranking on google matters the most for every business, for that we do keyword research and which is termed as google SEO.search engine optimization is basically optimizing website and ranking on top of Google. It really makes it easy for your prospect as well.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing means showcasing product ,venture and business digitally on different social media platforms. We can do organic marketing and paid marketing in social media. Organic marketing is time consuming than paid marketing because through paid marketing ,we can target audience avatar by yourself depending upon geographical region, age, gender etc. Building brand ,business on online is possible only through social media marketing. Through social media marketing ,remarketing, lead generation, growth in sales and profit has been possible.

Google Analytics& Google Ads

Google Analytics: It is an awesome plugin that tracks and analyzes all of your website traffic. It allows you to see how many visitors you get to your website and where they are coming from i.e. google, YouTube ,Facebook etc. ,how long they spend on your website, which pages are they clicking on ,also including they age ,are they man or woman ,what’s their city or country and a lots of important data. Having a website ,but not having google analytics is like a driving a car with no destination ,where you are going.so it is necessary to analyze our website for measuring our growth and hurdles on our business.


Electronic commerce is an online venture .when it comes to e-commerce, conversion matters a lot, and conversion is the king of anything. So we should be constantly measuring conversion on different pages. And for growing in the eCommerce business, you need to have a content strategy and paid strategy. Considering those things in mind, we have all plan to build successful online ventures for you. we can build our own e-commerce platform for our client and able to provide online platforms as per desire and budget plan. A more successful launch of eCommerce business, making it a long-lasting company with scalability is a big thing in eCommerce business that we as a company count on.