What is Google Analytics?

What is google analytics in digital marketing?

In this blog post, you will know details about google analytics and how it works. After going over all the details you will be able to do stuff related to google analytics.

What is google analytics?

Google Analytics is web analytics where it tracks all details and information about how visitors are interacting with our page. Google Analytics shows how you acquire users, how are your acquire user trending over time, how user visits your website, how well do you retain your users, where are your user, what devices are your user using, what pages do your user’s visits.

Do you think analytics is important?

“Google Analytics is the best friend of all digital marketers as it dictates the decision making and success of every website “-Dr.Chris Dayagdag

 It is necessary to optimize our web property based on an analysis of data that we get from google analytics. you should be aware of what’s working and not working so that you can analyze which page is performing well and which is not performing well. Attribution analysis also gives us information about which traffic source or visitors are giving us the most revenue. Attribution analysis is all about connecting traffic or visitors and demeanor with revenue. Hence you will be able to predict the future of a website based on measurement and analytics of the website through analytics.

Learning analytics for a digital marketer

The data-driven decision is most efficient and effective instead of relying on intuition because data will always tell us the truth and data is always accurate. Analytics is a very core part of any digital marketer. Analytics is exciting and addictive if someone is truly passionate about maths and numbers.

How does Google analytics work?

When you signup for google analytics, google analytics will give you javascript code which should be paste on all pages of your website. pasting of code can be easily done by using the suitable plugin and tools available in WordPress.And That code will track all user behavior of your website. you need to learn how to manipulate the data and make decisions based on that data rather than diving into the actual process of collecting data.

Now let’s have a look at a most important term in analytics,




Bounce rate

Conversion rate

Page view










Annotations are notes that help us understand traffic patterns. if there are traffic spikes in one of your these days and these spike of traffic is due to one of the offline campaign that you did, you did, you might not be able to understand why this traffic spike occurs .so in that case, annotation helps us and record why that traffic spike occur in our site.


Attribution means the source of sales and revenue inside a funnel. Attribution is divided into the first click and last-click attribution. The first-click attribution says where the click happens from. for instance, if you have 20 sales and you need to figure out where these sales happen from either from Facebook, Twitter, or Google then you will get to know this from the first-click attribution. And last-click attribution means where are the last page your user was on and the last click that they did just before the sale happen.

Bounce rate:

The bounce rate means single-page visitors.it means the percentage of people who land on one of your web pages and leave without clicking anywhere else on your website. so you should know what is the bounce rate of your website and take action as per your bounce rate.

Conversion rate:

Conversion means the number of visitors that are converted into your customers. The conversion rate is the number of people who converted to your website divided by the number of people who visited your website.


Dimension is characteristic of the data that you can use in filters. landing page, browser, and campaign are some of the default dimension in google analytics.


Page view:

Page view means that how many numbers of times your visitors are viewing your page when a page is loaded. It counts even if the same visitor comes back again and refreshes a page. A single visitor can view your page multiple times in a single-page visit.



Sessions mean how many times users visit your website. for instance if the same user visits your website on 25th September and 2th November then the visitor will have two sessions.


 Users are visitors who are visiting your website. the same user visiting your website at different times using the same devices will be count as a single user.



Entrances mean the number of times visitor enters your website through a  specified page or set of pages.



The raion of the number of exits to the number of page views for the page or set of pages. It indicates how often users exit from that page or set of pages when they view the page.



The source is a specific URL form from which traffic has originated from. It could be any of the websites that you think of.



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