What is Lead Generation in Digital Marketing?

“The lead generation process starts by finding out where your target market “lives” on the web.” -Wayne Davis

Wherever you are in your business, Lead generation plays a prominent role to rush ahead. Besides the customer and product, Lead generation is also one of the major parts of the business. you are supposed to take care of business when you focus on Lead

What is Lead digital marketing in digital marketing?

What is lead and Lead Generation?

The term lead means to point a person who is interested to know your products. That lead then leads to sales .so the process of generating leads to convert them into our customers and eventually generating sales is known to be Lead generation.

There are millions of people out there, and you need to identify your potential customer. And The potential customer is also said to lead until and unless they are converted to a buyer or customer.

But the main thing is what things do you need so that you can prove that you have the lead? leads are generally in the form of email id, name, and contact details.


Are your followers are Leads?

 There is no point in debating on these topics because whether you have lots of followers on social media but they don’t need to be your lead, Right? 

The clear thing is that you need to have emailed, contact detail and then you can call them your lead otherwise it is not

Email Marketing for Lead generation

There are millions of people out there in the market, just we need to identify our buyer persona and the right customer. And in such a case, Lead generation is only the solution choosing only the right and potential customer. As you know, every Lead generation campaign needs Email Marketing. For generating leads, almost 90 percent of businesses use Email marketing .you can use mail champ, Gsuite, find that lead, get the prospect, never bounce to generate a lead, and foster your lead generation campaign.

Does every business need to generate lead compulsory?

As you know, there are two types of business in the market that is business to business(B2B) and business to customer (B2C). Business to business marketing means one business do marketing with another business. and Business customer marketing means that one business deal with a customer.

B2C marketing does not need to run a campaign for lead. While B2B marketing needs to run a Lead generation campaign. It is because B2C are mostly consumer-centric .B2C product like candy, clothes, books, pens are simple and mainly low price. That product is easily understood by the customers and does not need to explain much about that product. whereas B2B business needs to have a Lead generation campaign because most of the time B2B business is the complex and high ticket as well. so it is necessary to explain in detail the product in that case which genuine.

B2c products need to focus more on marketing and branding whereas B2B products need to run more Lead generation campaigns and need to do low marketing.

When it comes to B2B, you must do prospecting and must outreach .for instance, your product is software that is best for running businesses. your customer will be the CEOs .so you can’t put them in the marketing funnel to buy your product. you must go deep and need to do multiple sessions on it. So then it will generate lead.

Which Lead generation is better inbound or outbound?

First, you should know, what is inbound Lead generation and outbound Lead generation? Inbound Lead generation means that your lead will give you their contact details in return for something. for instance, putting out an email id to download an ebook, etc. It is necessary to have an inbound marketing strategy to generate leads instead of outbound. In outbound marketing, you need to do a lot of prospecting and you need to outreach to people by yourself.it happens most of the time in B2B marketing where it needs a lot of prospecting and outreach.

According to Hubspot,54% and more leads are generated by inbound marketing tactics so it is necessary to create the right content consistently.

Similarly, you can also generate lead by linking the link of your webinar in your content .so that your audient will take you as genuine and trust you because you are providing value first.


Are you doing a webinar to generate a lead?

Nowadays, almost 90% of conversion is happening in webinars because in the webinar you are converting warmth lead into the hot lead through your content. Then if your lead is hot there is more of converting them into the lead. So it is important to do a webinar and value delivering a session.

“Lead generation evolves with the market. And the market is changing. Today, an effective Lead generation business is mostly based on the quality of content marketing .” -Dario villi

So you should go with content marketing and all you need is to express yourself and your product out there in the market so, your lead is waiting for you to connect with your content and with you.

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